To meet production standards and customer requirements, OSE is focused on a high quality production process. High-quality products mean healthy profits so the company works hard to achieve this goal by partnering with an organization that certifies organic food safety services.

This internationally recognized certification means we can provide customers who purchase their oils from us knowing they will be safe for consumption due not only because ingredients were grown without synthetic pesticides but also according certified agronomic practices used around the globe since 1976 which are those involved in producing “Organic” crops – what more could you ask?

Our plant is a certified food production premises, licensed and inspected under New Zealand Food Standards Authority (NZFSA) legislation. All final products have been independently tested by an independent laboratory to ensure compliance with your country’s dietary standards for the microbiological makeup as well as chemical analysis of each spice before it leaves our doors or gets shipped off on one of many distribution routes around this wonderful world! We can provide copies if needed – just ask us when ordering so that there are no problems during future transactions

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