Quality is at the forefront of OSE business ethics. This focus can be seen throughout all stages in factory production, from seed going into ground and up through finished product-making process where quality standards are met for every one that leaves our doors!

OSE offers many different aspects on their website to cover topics such as “what does it mean” when you hear a term like ‘quality’, how we maintain these high levels with technical knowhow specific only us or other firms might have access too; plus much more information related specifically around this area so feel free explore away if anything catches your eye.

The company is Organically Certified by AsureQuality, who have delivered the most technically capable food safety services in their industry.

This 4500 sq foot factory has an enclosed seed pressing room which excludes light. Perfect for confining and preserving the quality

OSE is committed to being an active member of various industry and research groups.

Midlands Seed Ltd has a very close working relationship with OSE. In addition, they also have an agreement where Midslands can purchase strays from the farm auctions

As a procedure we undertake regular testing of our seed oils and oil products to make sure they're high-quality.

A glossary of technical terms used on this site is available to help you better understand the jargon.

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