Oil Seed Extractions Ltd., a family-owned and operated company, is dedicated to producing the highest quality oils for cooking. We do so by using only premium seeds such as flax seed or rape oil which have been cold pressed at low temperatures without chemicals that would damage their beneficial nutrients. In addition we offer many other products made from these same ingredients including omega 3 enriched eggs!

For those interested in healthier eating options we also supply meat analogue protein meals/flours containing essential fatty acids ALA & GLA found naturally occurring within some plants but cannot be produced internally like fish fat EPA+DHA (eicosapentaenoic acid) nor chicken feathers keratinocytes plasma extract(think natural hairspray).

Flax seed has been an essential food ingredient since ancient times. For example, the cold pressing of flax produces nutritious oil and even more importantly a meal which can be ground into powder for those who wish consume it in their diet or as part of everyday living supplements like Lignans! This milling process also provides us with high quality protein sources containing no gluten, soybeans or other allergens to worry about while still offering over 40 minerals including vitamins B1&B3 along wit iron.

The seed extracts and flours listed below are just some of the many options that we offer for our functional food ingredients. If you have any additional questions about them, please contact us!

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