When it comes to the health benefits of oils, there are many out on today’s market. However only one can be considered “unrefined” and that is our cold pressed variety which has been designed with natural properties in mind! Other producers will refine their product leaving behind nothing but bland taste or aroma – we offer something different for you: choose from all-natural flavours like peppermint chocolate chip cookie dough!

The cold press oil coming off machinery at large scale facilities often possesses pronounced coloration as well as flavour/aroma(s). Those who produce standardised odourless crude by refining may eliminate both traits.

For example, many oils (such as hemp seed oil) are naturally rich in antioxidants that can be reduced by refining. The unrefined version has a longer shelf life and offers health benefits such as increased stability due to its natural flavors and aromas which make them suitable for culinary or dietary use

For another good point about this type of product there’s also how much more easily digestible they may seem compared with refined products because their fats have not been removed during processing; so people who suffer from digestive issues might find these kinds easier on the body.

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