OSE produces and supplies quality conventional and organic oil seeds both for its own processing, as well as export to global markets.

The majority of our oils come from the Canterbury region in New Zealand where there is a unique soil combination that creates some fantastic crop yields each year.

Our parent company, Midlands Seed Ltd., ensures that the best practice on farms is followed. They offer a guarantee for quality seed going into press and oil crop seeds are either windrowed or direct headed once ripe which normally happens around mid to late summer when it’s time to harvest them!

Direct heading means that crops are combined while they’re still standing. Once harvested, our seed gets cleaned at local seed cleaning plants in Ashburton with all product produced being of a very high purity standard and monitored by both Midlands Seed & OSE throughout the process from farm-to-consumer for full traceability so you can know exactly what goes into each bottle! 

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