OSE’s production premises have been specially designed to maximize oil quality. This 4500 sq ft factory is enclosed by thick concrete walls, which make stable temperature control simple and ensure that delicate seed oils don’t get damaged by ultra violet light exposure like in other factories with glass windows or roofs for ventilation purposes only. The Seed Storage Area at Ose contains over 150MT of seeds ready-to-process so there are no delays due lack thereof during our busy season!

All delivered flaxseed grains come as machine dressed ’00’ size lots – providing top purity standard guaranteed before they go into any further processing steps; including milling the meal into isolated fatty acids & Waxes using custom built roller presses equipped solely for this purpose.

The demand for our seed oils and products has led us to expand production facilities. We have increased plant capacity in order ensure prompt product delivery, implemented a stringent Quality Assurance programme that includes cold storage of materials on-site as well as an enhanced quality assurance program with external suppliers who can provide fresh raw material arrivals daily from all over the world.

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