We provide bulk oils to meet the needs of our customers. We have a variety packager, including:


  • 1L plastic jerry cans
  • 5L plastic jerry cans
  • 20L plastic jerry cans
  • 10L plastic buckets
  • 20L plastic buckets
  • 60L plastic drums
  • 190 kg plastic drums
  • 210 kg steel drums
  • 932 kg Pallecons (with internal food grade bladder)

Seed Extracts and flours:

  • 1 kg bags
  • 5 kg bags
  • 20 kg bags
  • 25 kg bags
  • Bulk Bags and Bulk Bins (Unit Sizes 500-1000kg)

All products are manufactured with the utmost care and attention to detail. All of our packaging materials are food grade certified, as well as complying with all organic certification requirements- ensuring that your purchase arrives at you safe from any potential damage or contamination during transport! We also use advanced vacuum sealing systems for transporting items in order to avoid oxygen contact which can lead directly into spoilage; this includes using inert gas when necessary so there’s absolutely no risk whatsoever while getting delivery right on time.

The Ose company has been focused primarily towards utilisation of recyclable materials without compromising product quality or safety standards since receiving their award under local CleanGreenBiz program 2006


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