OSE is a company that takes pride in their production processes from seed going into the ground to finished product.

The focus on quality shows at all stages of this complex process, and it’s easy for you as an end-user or customer see what we’re trying to do here because every step along the way has some sort indication letting us know just how committed our team really are towards delivering only top notch goods!

We are committed to producing the highest quality products for our customers. Our state-of-the art production facilities with a focus on efficiency and automation ensure that all seeds come standard in their purest form, free from variation or imperfections which would compromise yield potential

In this section of your website you can find information about how we manufacture them at any stage throughout harvesting — from sowings through drying process out into storage units ready just waiting until someone is looking for some fresh produce!

OSE produces and supplies quality conventional, biodynamic organic oils. Olive oil is the world's most widely consumed vegetable oil

Our company is dedicated to the cold pressing of oil seeds, which has created a well-established purpose built plant.

OSE offers all of its seed oils in their most natural forms - cold pressed and unrefined.

OSE's production premises have been specially designed to maximize the quality of our oil so we can deliver a premium product

The color of our cold pressed oil is something you can really taste and smell. It has a distinctive flavor that will fill your senses with delight

To keep our customers coming back for more, we package bulk oils and other products efficiently.

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