The goal of OSE is to develop and produce high quality specialty seed oils for the global food, skincare and health product sectors. Their main focus is on natural nutritional oil rich in essential fatty acids such as Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA ,Omega 3) and Gamma – linoleic Acid(GLA ).

All products are developed with the intent to benefit those who live a modern lifestyle. At OSE, we make sure that our customers get high-quality products from natural sources. We grow the plants in a sustainable way and produce oils at their peak freshness before distributing them to you.

In addition to our BULK oil range, OSE also offers a contract bottling and packing service for commercial quantities of specialty oils. The capability to flush with inert gas ensures the preservation of the health-giving properties of all oils bottled in our facility. This is particularly important for nutritional oils with high polyunsaturated components such as hemp seed oil and walnut kernel.

We have been involved in hemp seed oil production since 2002, which has culminated into exclusive manufacture & distribution of New Hemisphere Hemp Seed Oil line .

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